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The Fiduciary Difference

The Fiduciary Difference

March 05, 2024

Have You Done a Random Act of Kindness Lately? 

Are you someone that sees an opportunity to hold the door open for the person behind you? During the wintertime, did you shovel your neighbor’s snow-covered driveway? There’s plenty of moments in our everyday lives that we have the choice to be a “good neighbor”. Now, take it a step further and imagine you don’t have the choice, but rather a legal obligation, to go above and beyond when the opportunity comes to help others. That may sound a bit intense but at Fiduciary 1031 Exchange Solutions we believe this is what makes us unique. Our Fiduciary Difference has allowed us to build strong, trustworthy relationships with clients throughout the past 15 years and we’re excited to share our process with new relationships to come.

Experience the Fiduciary Difference

Fiduciary1031 Exchange Solutions is a subsidiary of Clark Wealth Strategies, Inc. providing clients with methodical, fiduciary guidance throughout the entire 1031 exchange. Being a fiduciary firm means that we are bound by law to put our clients’ interests ahead of our own. We take a proactive approach in helping develop a strategy to address financial goals but recognize that there might be challenges along the way. With this in mind, we strive to offer transparent, unbiased advice which puts us on the same side of the table as our clients, where we share in our successes. To put it simply, we wouldn’t want to conduct business any other way! 

The Fiduciary Difference Goes Beyond Our Own Clients

Fiduciary 1031 Exchange Solutions has relationships throughout several industries that turn to us when they need additional solutions for their clients. Whether you’re a title company, commercial real estate broker, tax advisor, or attorney (to name a few) we’re happy to extend our fiduciary services to you and your clients. We're active members of organizations such as the Federation of Exchange Accommodators (FEA) and the American Land and Title Association (ALTA) and we encourage others to engage with them as well. Many of the clients we serve are referred to us from industry relationships who know they can trust us and are familiar with our fiduciary process. Don't hesitate in reaching out if you think we can help your client!   

The Clark Wealth Strategies - Fiduciary 1031 Team attending the annual FEA Conference in 2023

Do a Random Act of Kindness Today!

Are you ready to experience what the fiduciary difference feels like? See for yourself! Perform a random act of kindness today. Go above and beyond for someone you otherwise wouldn’t have. While it seems so simple, I’ve come to realize there aren’t enough of those moments in life at times. Thankfully, I work for a firm where we’ve made it not only our legal obligation but an everyday part of how we conduct business and treat others. 

Heath A. Bandars

1031 Exchange Liaison/Marketing Specialist

Phone: 405-504-3531